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Razak School Of Government To Produce Excellent Civil Servants

Last update: 01/10/2010
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Dean of Razak School of Government Associate Prof Datuk Mohd Ibrahim Abu Bakar. Pic: Shahrizan Jeffri Aziz
By Cik Rashidah Abd Ghani

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 1 (Bernama) -- A highly trained, efficient, able and competent civil service serves as a worthwhile asset in maintaining the nation's competitiveness and in stimulating innovativeness.

"Apart from this, members of a competent civil service are also the one with a wide knowledge base encompassing economy, sociology, psychology, and of the different cultures in the nation," said Associate Prof Datuk Mohd Ibrahim Abu Bakar, the dean of the Razak School of Government (RSOG) at Universiti Tun Razak (UniRazak).

He told Bernama recently, in a nutshell, molding a highly competent civil servant goes beyond academic and skills training. There is a greater need to produce knowledgable and analytical minds.


Under RSOG, a new approach is being utilised in training civil servants of the future.

"The RSOG is to fulfill the current aspirations, the need for dynamic, knowledgeable, innovative and creative civil servants who will be able to deliver the aspirations of the society," noted Ibrahim.

The society today is highly knowledgeable, they believe in quality, and make comparisons with what they observe and go through when they read, go overseas or watch programmes.

Therefore, the civil servants must know how to fulfill the people's want and aspirations.

"The RSOG offers something totally different as the curriculum incorporates the opinions and the experience of the working public servants and not solely academic," he said.

The governance is more to management of basic knowledge. It calls for wisdom or conventional wisdom in coming to terms with the aspirations of the new generation.


The goal at UniRazak is to churn out graduates who have been exposed to the workings of the government machinery through compulsory courses right from the first year.

Moreover, RSOG conducts courses in English with the language given emphasis as it serves as the enabler in gathering information.

Being the first in Malaysia, the RSOG is different compared with the courses introduced by other universities especially when comes to practical exposure.

Ibrahim noted that at RSOG, apart from the exposure through visits to the government administrative centre of Putrajaya and government agencies, UniRazak would work out attachment or internship for a duration of four months for the third or final year students.

During the internship, the undergraduates conduct research under the close guidance of UniRazak and the respective government department to ensure they complete the assignment successfully.

In providing good exposure, UniRazak is negotiating with leading government agencies that have great impact like the economic planning unit, implementation planning unit, MAMPU, Public Services Department for the internship of its students.

It is easy to be implemented especially when the number of students at RSOG is limited and the emphasis is on quality and not quantity.

"Now we have between 40 and 50 students," noted Ibrahim.

Apart from this, the RSOG also sends its students to participate in workshops, seminars, and conferences from time to time.


The curriculum content under the RSOG includes research methodology and quantitative analysis.

"If a person is weak in methodology, the person then lacks the skill to analyze information. A good knowledge on both will help in collecting scientific data.

"We conduct analysis to identify the correlation of the facts. This calls for skills. We cannot be depending on information and hearsay only. Like now we are talking about the problem caused by the `mat rempit', we need to know of the problem, we need to conduct interview, collect samples and analyze," said Ibrahim.

On the employment opportunity, Ibrahim noted that, the undergraduates of RSOG not necessarily would be working with the government because the private sector too want people with knowledge in the government.

As the graduates of RSOG are trained to be all rounders and analytical, they can easily venture into the private sector, NGO and semi government organisations or join the academic world.

Ibrahim is confident that the Razak School of Government will be churning out graduates with integrity and high ethics apart from being excellent administrators.