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Undergrads Prefer 'Tutorials' In Dining Halls?

Last update: 13/03/2012
By Zulkiple Pbrahim

KUALA LUMPUR, March 13 (Bernama) -- During a recent visit to a residential college at a public university here, this writer saw students studying in the dining hall of the hostel at night.

Why study in the dining hall, as it is quite noisy in there?

"This is the best place for us to study, the hall is big and can accommodate many people. We can hold discussions with our course mates without disturbing others," said Razali Kamin, a science undergraduate who hails from Lumut, Perak.

What about the library or study room then?

"The library is located too far away and will be closed at 10pm. The available study room is too small and not all of us can study in our rooms, as some stay in dormitories.

"We feel 'suffocated' studying in our room. The dining hall is opened round-the-clock and this is the best place for us to do our revisions and assignments," explained the second year student.


This writer had also visited a popular 24-hour fast food restaurant located in Section 2, Shah Alam, and found a similar scenario there where a group of university students were seen working on their assignments along with holding discussions.

Why study at a fast food eatery? Don't you get chased out by the restaurant staff? Those were some of the questions posed to the undergraduates there.

Mellie (not her full name) confided that she and her university colleagues felt that a fast food restaurant is a fun place to hang out at.

"We (undergraduates) can hold discussions here about our lectures and tutorials.

"Some of us cannot study at home. The reasons being it is too comfortable and conducive for sleep, rather than study. Therefore, we go outside to do our revisions and assignments instead," said Mellie.

But isn't the library or tutorial room quieter than the fast food restaurant?

"On the contrary, we found that we can be more productive by having group discussions or even tutorials in fast food restaurants," she said.


Another undergraduate, Amy said: "I used to like studying in noisy places. Fast food restaurants are a good choice of location.

"Anyway, I find the silence at most libraries oppressive. How can people concentrate that way? Those noisy places are nice.

"The various noises merge into a different kind of quiet that is actually very conducive for students like us to study.

"I really liked being here with the smell of burgers and other fast food, as well as beverages like coffee and the other students talking about politics and the current economic and sports news," said undergraduate, Ismail Darus.

Ismail said he hated to be at the library since he could ot stand the silence.

"When I suffer from insomnia, I even come to this restaurant at night to calm down and study.

"I choose a fast food restaurant where I will never feel lonely. There are many people around, there is some background music and conversations.

"However, this may vary from person to person. One individual may take the noisy fast food restaurant as the most optimal location to study, whereas another may take it the opposite way.

"As long as you want to study, actually the locations cannot distract you from outer attractions at all. You can still concentrate on your studies," he added.