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Improve Science Teaching, Urges Science Academy

Last update: 11/07/2012
By Mohd Iswandi Kasan Anuar

KUALA LUMPUR, July 11 (Bernama) -- The Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) has urged the government to drastically improve the teaching of science, technology, engineering and mathematics at primary level.

The education and culture building dimension will also have to be properly addressed if the country is to enjoy a more sustained growth in innovation, its President Tan Sri Dr Ahmad Tajuddin Ali said.

"We need to urgently resolve this talent issue in science," he told Bernama on the sidelines of the ASM International Conference 2012 here Wednesday.

Ahmad Tajuddin said the plantation sector has expressed concern over the lack of skilled human capital in agriculture, especially for agronomists, microbiologists and fertiliser chemists.

He said an acute shortage of taxonomists, who are needed to harness the country's biodiversity wealth, has also been reported.

"Without the necessary critical mass of scientific talent, the country may face difficulties competing in the global economy which is increasingly led by science and innovation," he said.

Ahmad Tajuddin said Malaysia could emulate the inquiry-based science education approach in schools in France and China, and could cooperate with experts from these countries as part of efforts to improve the country's global competitiveness.

Schools must also be equipped with the right facilities and an environment conducive for networking with other institutions, both local and overseas, he added.