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Collaboration With OCIS Brings Benefits To UIAM

Last update: 14/05/2013
By Hazlinda Hamzah

OXFORD (Bernama) -- The International Islamic University of Malaysia (UIAM) has taken steps to boost the capability of not only its students and first degree graduates but also the university's academicians.

UIAM's initiatives have provided an opportunity for its lecturers to further gain and widen their knowledge apart from enhancing their image in domestic and international arenas.

UIAM's Rector, Prof Datuk Seri Dr Zaleha Kamaruddin, said there are many lecturers at the university who have applied for sabbatical leave to conduct research for advanced studies here in Oxford, including at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS).


Sabbatical is a leave of absence, often with pay, usually granted every seventh year, to a college professor, for travel, research, or rest.

Prof Zaleha said UIAM and OCIS have outlined types of research and procedures every time a lecturer from UIAM decides to take a sabbatical at the OCIS.

She told Bernama this after attending the discussion between OCIS and UIAM here recently. She was accompanied by UIAM's Student Affairs Deputy Rector, Prof Datuk Dr Mizan Hitam.

The close collaboration between OCIS and UIAM, forged some years back, will benefit all those involved in the long-term.

The objective of this collaboration is to boost the performance of both the institutions.


In the collaboration, UIAM's 'Fellows' will be in OCIS and will contribute their research findings to the OCIS during their sabbatical period.

The topic of the research work will have to be discussed first between the UIAM Fellows and OCIS.

"During the recent discussion with OCIS, we looked at the new mechanism which can be jointly used. More dialogues on subjects related to Islam will be initiated to enhance bilateral relations between both the institutions," explained Prof Zaleha, who had pursued further studies in law in London, England, some 20 years back.

She said for the short-term strategic planning of 2013/2015, the discussion with OCIS will be held at the UIAM campus.

"Discussion and resolution on the structure will be continued in Malaysia, where details will be drawn out as the discussion in Oxford was done in a short period of time.

"The main issues will be discussed, and others will be discussed later with all the UIAM deputy rectors attending," said Prof Zaleha.


Prof Zaleha said UIAM wants to be a global player in the international education arena, particularly to enhance the understanding of Islam.

UIAM has been in the education scene for 30 years and wants to advance to a more progressive stage, she said.

"It is a move to provide its students with a holistic way of gaining knowledge and expanding the understanding of Islam to the outside world," she added.