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Top SPM Students Attribute Success To Hard Work, Prayers

Last update: 16/03/2017
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KUALA TERENGGANU, March 16 (Bernama) -- "I would call my mother every day, asking for her forgiveness and prayers for my success," said Husna Mardhiyyah Mohd Fauzi, 18, who scored 11 A+s in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) that was announced today.

The student of Sekolah Menengah Imtiaz Kemaman was announced as Terengganu's top SPM student, besides Lam Sin Gee from SMK Sultan Sulaiman who scored 9 A+s.

Although separated 530 Km from her family who lived in Sungai Petani, Kedah, without fail, Husna would always contact her mother, Dahlia Mohd Dagang, 46, to seek blessing.

"For me, success not only comes from being focussed and disciplined in our studies, but most importantly from our total dependence to Allah SWT as well as prayers from parents, teachers and friends," she added.

Meanwhile, Nur Syuhada Alias, 18, from SMK Bukit Besar, who scored 4As, 1A-, 1B+, 1C and 1E was announced as the state's best Candidate With Special Requirement (CBK) for SPM 2016.

Nur Syuhada, who was born visually impaired, said her weakness became her inspiration to show to others that people with disabilities (PWD) could also succeed.

"It was rather challenging as I had to depend on the assistance of my friends and teachers to read class notes, but I still managed to do revision every night," she said.

Nur Syuhada, not only excelled academically, but was also the winner of the 2016 national level Hafazan Quran Competition for the CBK category that was held in Melaka.

In recognition of her excellence, she was also presented the 2016 World Children's Icon award under the PWD category.