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SPM Students Who Scored At Least 9A+ Eligible For PSD Sponsorship

Last update: 19/03/2017
PUTRAJAYA, March 19 (Bernama) -- Students who scored at least 9A+ in the 2016 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination can apply to be considered for the Public Service Department (PSD) 9A+ Sponsorship Programme.

PSD director-general Datuk Seri Zainal Rahim Seman said students who qualify would be sponsored for preparatory to the first degree level in the fields set by the government at public or private higher learning institutions (IPTS) in the country.

"Following queries on the sponsorship programme by several parties we wish to clarify that students who obtained at least 9A+ can apply to be considered," he said in statement Sunday.

A newspaper had earlier reported confusion arising among SPM students as they were informed only students who obtained A+ in all subjects taken in the 2016 SPM with a minimum of nine subjects will be offered sponsorship.

He said PSD introduced the 9A+ Sponsorship Programme following the discontinuation of the Busary Programme as well as to take into consideration students who achieved outstanding results this year.

Zainal Rahim said the 2016 bursary programme was implemented as a one-off programme as decided by the government.

He said in line with the 2017 PSD New Sponsorship Model, programmes still being implemented are the National Sponsorship Programme (PPN) and the Japan, South Korea, France and Germany (JKPJ) Special Programme.

Under PPN, he said, the sponsorship was for 20 outstanding 2016 SPM students based on the Examination Board list, to further their studies at the 10 top universities according to the QS World University Ranking by subject.

For the JKPJ programme, the sponsorship is extended to 200 outstanding students to pursue engineering studies.

However, he added that sponsorship in the field of science and technology and social sciences in Japan, South Korea, France and Germany could be considered but was subject to the government's decision.

Zainal Rahim said the PSD New Sponsorship Model was implemented to ensure the country reaped optimum returns and benefits from the investments made.

He said 2016 SPM school leavers interested to apply for programmes offered by PSD could visit the PSD official portal at or

For more information on the sponsorship programmes or questions on technical issues, call PSD (hotline) 03-8885 3049 (8.30am to 5.30pm) from March 16 to May 5.