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UTeM Academic Awards Drive Success Of Academicans

MELAKA,April 17 (Bernama)--- The academic awards ofUniversiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka(UTeM) 2016 is held every year to drive academicians achieve greater success in future.

UTeMvice-chancellorProfDatuk Dr Shahrin Sahib hoped the prestigious awards which were introduced in 2009 would assist the governments efforts, namely the higher education ministry (KPT) to produce personalities of excellence.

"The award is an initiative to profile the quality of academicians from the aspects of leadership, workexcellence, competence and models for theuniversity,"hetold reporters Monday night.

Also present at the ceremony was UTeMboard of director chairman,Tan Sri Dr. Ahmad Tajuddin Ali.

Shahrin hoped the award would be a boost tolecturers to produce more innovative ideas in learningatinternational level in future.

"With various global challenges now and in the future, lecturers need to be innovative in producing ideas to address such challenges,"he said.

He hoped candidates from UTeM would be selected to represent theuniversityat the National Academic Award organised by the KPTeach year.

Shahrin said since its establishment 17 years ago, UTeMhad succeeded in achieving several successes, among them the settingup of a centrale-Learningby KPT and many others.

DatukDrMohdNor Husain, whoheld the UTeM deputy vice-chancellor(academic) received the academic personality award and received a cash prizeof RM8,000 with a trophy and certificate of appreciation.

He had served as anacademician for 43 yearsand the university administration andhoped UTeMwould continue to be the leading university in the country.

"For me, mycontributions to UTeM is insignificant but the university appreciated my efforts to the institution.

"I hope UTeM academicians will continue to serve well and raise the image of the university and contribute to the nation,"he said.

The award for Academician of Hope went to Electronicand Computer Engineering Faculty lecturerG. Vigneswara who had supervised almost 30 projects from 2011 to 2016 and had six products filed for patent, as well as 11 products more for copyright status.

Meanwhile,Dr Nor HidayahMohamad of the Management and TechnopreneurFaculty who used interactive approach and learning received the E-Learning Innovation award.

Thespecial groupaward went to Nanum Village for theCenwaeyPenaney community education centre solar energy project which supplied 8KWof solar energyin the Orang Aslivillage in KampungUlu Tual,Kuala Lipis.

The NanumVillage group was headed byDr Md NazriOthman.

AssocProfessor Dr Zahriladha Zakaria of theElectronicand Computer Engineering Faculty receivedthe awardforproducingjournal papers andresearch award.

The awardfor Journal Papers Production was won byDr Suhaimi Misha.

Meanwhile,AssocProfessorDrSyed NajmuddinSyedHasaanreceived the consolation prize for book publication in humanities and social science.

HidayahRahmalanreceived the consolation prize for teaching, Dr Effendi Mohamadalso received the consolation award for book publication.

Each awardrecipient apart from the academic personalityaward receiveda cash prize of RM4,000 with trophy and certificate of participation.