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Close Ties Between Parents, Teachers Vital In Curbing Bullying In School

Last update: 04/07/2017
BESUT, July 4 (Bernama) -- The close ties between parents and teachers will be of help in curbing bullying among school students which have been rampant of late, according to president of Ex-Policemen Association of Malaysia (PBPM) Hussin Awang Ngah.

He said the good ties and frequent meetings held between the two parties would ensure accurate information being exchanged about the activities of the students at schools.

"The children will show a more controlled behaviour if they know that their parents are frequenting the schools to to keep tab on their development. This will also prevent them (students) from breaking schools' rules," he told Bernama here today.

Hussin also said the roles of school prefects should be enhanced because as student themselves, they would be well-aware of what had been going on among their peers.

As such, he suggested that a module which focused on the prefects, as well as on discipline teachers, should be introduced in order to address the bullying cases in a good and orderly manner.

"The schools and parent-teacher associations (PTA) can also help by installing closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras at certain corners or hidden spots in the school compound where the students like to gather to monitor their activities," he added.