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Ministry Will Help Realise Marang's Education Hub - Mahdzir

Last update: 29/07/2017
MARANG, July 29 (Bernama) --The Education Ministry will ensure that Marang district becomes an education hub in Terengganu.

Its minister Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid said the ministry was in full support of the move and would help to hasten it by building several schools and higher learning institutions for the state to achieve its objective.

"We have been discussing on the establishment of science secondary schools, and Form Six and matriculation colleges in Marang for the past six years. Some will be under the Education Ministry and others, under the Higher Education Ministry.

"When the time is right and everything is in order, God willing, Marang will be transformed into an education hub in Terengganu," he told reporters after opening the Marang UMNO division Wanita delegates' conference, here, today.

Also present were Marang UMNO division chief A Latiff Awang, Terengganu Wanita chief Datuk Fatimah Hamat and Marang Wanita chief Toh Puan Zaitun Mat Amin.

Earlier, A Latiff who is also state Education, Science, Technology and Transformation Committee chairman, said work on the schools and institutions should be expedited in recognition of the state\'s academic performance.