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UMP Invents Automatic Food Stirrer

Last update: 04/09/2017
By Siti Salwa Shaari

KUANTAN, Sept 4 (Bernama) -- Life will be easier the next time anyone wants to cook anything that requires a lot of stirring over a long period of time if he uses the automatic stirrer that had just been invented by staff of Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP).

"The appliance runs on electricity, is time-saving and the task can be performed by just one person instead of the usual four or five people," said the dean of UMP's Professor Datuk Dr Zularisam Ab Wahid who led the team of researchers from the Faculty of Engineering Technology in inventing the appliance.

He told Bernama that the stirrer would be very handy when making dodol, cakes, desserts or any other dish which requires a lot of stirring over an extended period.

Zularisam said it took the team about two months to come up with the appliance which was completed on Monday and introduced at the university's Aidiladha-related programme at the Gambang campus here today.

Meanwhile, UMP vice-chancellor Professor Datuk Dr Daing Nasir Ibrahim, who mooted the idea for the appliance, said he hoped it would be improved to become more flexible and shared with the public.

"This innovation can be simplified further so that it could be commercialised especially for those in the food industry, making it easier for them and reducing costs as well as saving time," he said.

On the programme today which saw the participation of 80 volunteers comprising UMP staff and students, Daing Nasir said meat of the nine cattle slaughtered today was distributed to the community around Kuantan and Pekan.