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UPSR: Parents Take Leave To Give Children Moral Support

Last update: 11/09/2017
MELAKA, Sept 11 (Bernama) -- It is understandable if students sitting for the Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) examination are in a state of jittery over the examination.

It appears many concerned parents are also in a similar predicament, if taking four days' leave to give the children moral support to do well in the examination, is anything to go by.

Bernama's random survey of schools in the state found that parents were indeed, willing to take leave, merely to give moral support to their children.

Some parents were even seen waiting for their children in the school compound, including those engaging in Yasin recitals and performing the Hajat prayers to enable their children to answer the UPSR questions diligently.

Civil servant Fuziah Ab Bakar, 50, said she and husband, private company manager Saad Ahmad, also 50, had applied for leave to accompany their daughter to her school, SK Tun Syed Ahmad Shahabudin in Ayer Keroh here during the UPSR.

"Before this, I used to stay up with her at night to help her study. Besides praying, I also give her words of encouragement so that she can do her best," said the mother of four.

Meanwhile, Melaka Bernama bureau chief, Fadzli Ramli, 39, said his eldest child, Ainur Mardhiah Fadzli, of SK Dato' Demang Hussin, Bukit Katil here began preparations for the UPSR earlier this year.

"The anxiety is definitely there, which father wouldn't be anxious seeing his child sitting for a major examination...however, since the beginning of the year, I had bought her exercise books to get her familiarised with UPSR questions, and my wife and I would then check the answers, and explain the correct ones to her if there were any mistakes.

"At times, my wife and I would 'push' her to study, but sometimes we'd also tell her to take a break, watch a movie or play a game with me. There needs to be a balance so that she is not stressed out. Whether she gets a good or bad result, that's up to God, what matters is she has done her best," he said.

Nur Hasidah Abd Ghani, whose daughter is sitting for UPSR at SK Tun Syed Ahmad Shahabudin said she felt nervous and anxious for her eldest child.

"As a matter of fact, I am feeling more anxious than my child. I hope and pray she will be able to answer the questions well and excel, and be an example to her other siblings," she said.

Nur Hasidah, 40, who works as a nurse at a private hospital, said she and husband, self-employed Mohd Farouk Othman, also 40, would take turns looking after their daughter, Nur Elfiayana Sofia Mohd Farouk during the UPSR.

A total of 13,098 candidates from 242 schools in Melaka are currently sitting for UPSR at 232 examination centres throughout the state.