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University Of Tasmania's Architecture Programme Secures Malaysian Accreditation

Last update: 11/09/2017
KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 11 (Bernama) -- The University of Tasmania's architecture programme has become one of only three in Australia to be accredited by the Board of Architects Malaysia (LAM).

The validation means that the university's architecture graduates are eligible to register as a graduate architect with LAM without having to pass a further rigorous examination process.

Head of School of Architecture and Design Professor Kirsten Orr in a statement said the accreditation was an endorsement of the quality of the university's architecture programme.

"We look forward to continuing to produce many more highly skilled, highly qualified Malaysian architecture graduates in the future," Orr said, adding that Malaysia had traditionally made up a large part of the university's international student cohort.

The University of Tasmania's architecture programme consists of a three-year Bachelor of Architecture and Built Environments (formerly Bachelor of Environmental Design) followed by a two-year Master of Architecture.

Graduate architects must complete a significant period of practical experience in the industry before they are eligible to sit for the examination process to become registered architects.