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MyCCSkills Competition Highlights Community College Students Skills

Last update: 05/10/2017
JELEBU, Oct 5 (Bernama) -- The Community Colleges Skill Competition (MyCCSkills) provides a platform to highlight the students' skills as well as to create world class champions.

Kuala Klawang assemblyman Datuk Yunus Rahmat said such competitions could also inculcate innovative and creative attitudes among the participants and help them to become more confident in carrying out their responsibilities.

"This competition also provides a platform for the participants to improve their skills as well as to compete in global markets and to help strengthen the students' marketability," he said when closing the MyCCSkill 2017 National Level Electrical Installation competition at the Jelebu Community College here today.

Yunus, who is also Jelebu Community College adviser, said the four-day competition, beginning Monday, saw participation of 12 out of 25 community colleges that offer electrical installation course for its students.

The competition, that saw Kuantan Community College emerge as the winner, aimed at preparing the students to represent the community colleges for WorldSkills Malaysia Competition (WSMB) and subsequently to the ASEAN and world levels.