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Chancellor Calls For UMK To Set Up Task Force To Face, Cope With Changes

Last update: 09/10/2017
KOTA BHARU, Oct 9 (Bernama) -- Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) Chancellor Dr Tengku Muhammad Faiz Petra ibni Sultan Ismail Petra today proposed for the setting up of a task force to help the university to address and cope with the latest changes and development in various fields.

Tengku Muhammad Faiz Petra, who is the Regent of Kelantan, said the task force would be responsible for identifying suitable plans and strategies to ensure that the changes would cover the aspects of education, research, governance, academic affairs, students development and entrepreneurship.

"This is because we are now facing new technologies in the fields such as robotic artificial intelligence, Internet of things, unmanned electric vehicles, three-dimensional printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, materials science, energy storage and quantum computing," he said at the 7th UMK convocation ceremony here today.

He said with the changes, people's lives would also change and common fields of employment would vanish.

"New jobs will be created and we have to be prepared to grab the opportunities in this future fields of employment," he said.

Tengku Muhammad Faiz Petra also called for the development and expertise achieved over the 10 years of UMK establishment to be expanded to state development.

He also congratulated Malaysian Landscape chairman Tun Jeanne Abdullah for the conferment of the Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy in Sustainable Science, and to UMK first vice-chancellor Prof Emeritus Datuk Dr Ir Zainai Mohamed for the conferment of the title Emeritus Professor during the ceremony today.

This year's convocation ceremony saw 10 students received their respective doctorate degrees, 151 received Masters' degrees, and 2,306 others received Bachelor's degrees.