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New SMK Bandau Building: Better Learning Conditions For Students

Last update: 19/01/2018
KOTA MARUDU, Jan 18 (Bernama) -- "The laboratory facilities and spacious classrooms available at the new school building has made our learning more focussed and comfortable,"said Mohd Irfan Kee Charles, 17, a Form Five student of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Bandau.

Sharing his experience of the old school building, he said previously SMK Bandau shared a building with Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Ongkilan, so they had to share the facilities with the primary school students.

"At the old building, the laboratory facilities were also limited, but the new one has complete facilities, thus, making learning more focussed and interesting,"he told Bernama when met at the school today.

Meanwhile, another SMK Bandau student, Maybelisa Hazeline Larsson, 17, said with the presence of the new building she and her friends felt more enthusiastic to beautify their spacious classrooms.

"When we were in the shared building, we had to share the classrooms with those in the morning session, so we didn't have the opportunity to beautify our classrooms that lacked comfortable space,"she said.

Maybelisa added that the current school infrastructure also enabled them to study more systematically and interactively through various facilities provided which encouraged them to produce sound ideas during learning sessions.

For science teacher, Irine Jokilyn, 41, who was among the first batch of teachers who taught at the school, learning at the new school building was made more interesting with lab facilities that enabled various scientific experiments to be easily conducted.

"The new school facilities also made it easy for students to understand their lessons,"she said.

Meanwhile, for Halim Bidin, 49, who had been the school principal since 2011, the presence of the new school building offered a significant difference which enabled its administration to be more systematic and provided a conducive learning environment.

"Earlier, when we moved to the new school building, we only had 720 students, but now SMK Bandau has 1,022 students. This is a significant leap within a period of about four years,"he said, adding that the school now had 53 teachers.

Halim, on behalf of SMK Bandau school community, thanked the government for their concern and keeping their promise of providing a quality education infrastructure for the people of Marudu.

Meanwhile, for the president of the school's parent-teacher association, Jimson Majemal, who is also a government officer, by providing their children with a complete education infrastructure which provides better learning conditions, it would encourage them to do well in academics and co-curricular activities, as well as aspire to pursue their education to a higher level.

SMK Bandau was established in 2000, but had to share a building with SK Ongkilan. It was only in March 2014 that the secondary school began using their own school building.

The new school building is equipped with 24 classrooms, a science lab, an administration centre, a resource centre, a canteen. It also has a hostel building and a field and court for recreation and sports activities.